What makes a great buddy action duo?

Throughout history, actors have been paired up in an effort to double up on fanbases, bringing in a larger audience to watch these heroes take on the evil in the world while quips fly between them. It's a tale as old as time. But why do audiences love these bickering blowhards so much? What is it about a pair of bickering action heroes that enrapture audiences for sequel upon sequel, franchise after franchise?

On this week's From The Outside In topic, we take a look at a sub-genre: the buddy action duo. With Fast and Furious unleashing their first spin-off in this very genre with Hobbs and Shaw, it seemed the perfect time to examine the intricacies of these films. Yin and yang, banding together to take down some sadistic bad guy while spectacularly blowing shit up. Usually they're cops or some type of anti-hero. Why do we love them, and who did it the best?

Also this week: a news roundup, a new game called What Would've Happened?, and our spoiler-free reviews of Hobbs and Shaw and Velocipastor. Come back next week as we discuss TV anti-heroes!

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