Here are three of our most popular topics from earlier this year: Bad TV Couples, Classic Movie Monsters, and the Perfect Summer Soundtrack. 

First up, from Episode 384: we’re discussing bad TV couples. Anyone who loves television has a favorite couple, or even several favorites. But have you ever loved a show and two characters getting together just ruined it for you? Are there shows where you just dread any potential romantic couplings – like it just doesn’t belong? We will be discussing all of this and giving our top 3 worst TV couples we’ve experienced.

Next, we head to Episode 386: we’re discussing those movie monster classics such as Mummy (1932), FrankensteinWolf ManDraculaInvisible ManCreature of the Black Lagoon, etc. These classic horror movies are the beginning drivers for what we know horror movies and horror characters to be today and their visionary masters still reside in the horror hall of fame. We decided – with the upcoming release of The Invisible Man – we need to discuss these classic monsters: how they scared us, our favorites, and why we love them despite being less of a razzle-dazzle than horror movies now.

Finally, we head to Episode 395: What are the best songs or themes from movies to crank up once Summer hits? Instead of dwelling on it all, let’s just make our perfect playlist. We each get 10 songs – they can be themes, songs from a movie soundtrack, or just synonymous with a movie – and make our own perfect summer movie soundtrack! That means you could see yourself, windows down, hair flowing, driving or jogging or whatever to our Spotify playlist, The Hollywood Outsider Perfect Summer Movie Soundtrack. Bonus points if you know the chorus…

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

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