Cobra Kai is back at the dojo kicking off season 3 following the “karate riots” at the end of the last season. Immediately, we get to observe the effects of the fight on Sam, who is basically now mortal enemies with Tory, and is suffering from PTSD. Daniel and Johnny are also in emotional turmoil, as they struggle with guilt, anger, and accountability for the fight. Kreese rebuilds Cobra Kai in his own image, poisoning his students in the process. While Robby is running from law enforcement for the kick to Miguel, a horribly injured Miguel fights for his life in the ICU.
Consequences abound this season, Daniel makes a visit to his past via Okinawa, Johnny faces his own struggles with his son Robby and Miguel's injuries, and loyalties are tested throughout the season with both the younger and older characters of the show. This is our detailed and thorough examination of all the happenings of Netflix's Cobra Kai Season 3, good or bad.
***Audio courtesy of Netflix, Cobra Kai Season 3 official trailer
Also, here is the Cobra Kai panel Aaron moderated that is discussed in the episode.
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