Cobra Kai is back at the dojo kicking off season 4 following the union at the end of the last season. Immediately, Daniel and Johnny struggle with molding their distinct fighting styles with each other, causing a ripple effect that runs through the season. John Kreese rebuilds Cobra Kai in his own image, bringing in his old war buddy, Terry Silver, to help mentor the students.

Elsewhere, Danny's kids, Sam and Anthony, are dangerously teetering on becoming bullies themselves, Robby utilizes all of his teachings to help Cobra Kai as well as mentor Kenny Payne, Hawk embarks on a path of redemption, and much more.

Consequences abound again this season, and loyalties are tested throughout the season with both the younger and older characters of the show. This is our detailed and thorough examination of all the happenings of Netflix's Cobra Kai Season 4, good and bad.

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