On this week's episode, we discuss the world of cult films. Specifically, what defines a movie as a "cult" film? Is it a fluke, or perhaps the right material at the right time? Do popular films ever reach cult status? Why do films like Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Room carry on for decades, while thousands of other films disappear never to be heard from again? We tackle this, as well as what cult films defined us personally as Bill Fulkerson (director of Survival of the Film Freaks) joins in on a topic many of us debate on a daily basis.

Also this week, TV show remakes are hitting overdrive as Starship Troopers, Resident Evil, and Child's Play all receive television reboots, Amazon offers big paydays at Sundance, and Universal retools their Dark Universe plans. Reviews of Polar and Wretch, a peek at new releases, another round of I Can't Believe We Thought That Was Cool where we ponder if Chasing Amy's antics would play to today's audiences, and much more.

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 21:36) Opening | News | I Can't Believe We Thought That Was Cool
  • (21:37 – 31:17) Reviews of Polar and Wretch | New Releases
  • (31:18 – 1:34:30) From The Outside In: Cult Films | How Does A Movie Become One and What It Even Means
  • (1:34:30 – 1:51:49) Listener Comments | Closing | Outtakes
  • Bill Fulkerson can also be heard on the Outside the Cinema podcast
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