Heather, Josh, and Mike are wannabe documentarians who head to Maryland on a mission to decipher the legend of The Blair Witch. The three went into the woods for a 2 day hike to find this local urban legend, and one year after they disappeared, their footage was found. This movie was that footage.

As we release this, it is the 20th anniversary of The Blair Witch Project. If you find a list of the greatest horror films, you’ll find this now classic on that list. $250 million made worldwide, popularizing an entire genre and inspiring countless filmmakers across the globe, and even earned a Guiness world record for top budget to box office ratio – Blair Witch has earned the title of classic. And for the film’s 20th anniversary, we wanted to sit down and discuss the film and its legacy with one of the filmmakers directly responsible for it, Eduardo Sánchez.

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