This week on The Hollywood Outsider, we are going to discuss all of crazy news out of the San Diego Comic-Con! From Batman vs. Superman to Interstellar to Mad Max and back again, this week we're bringing Comic-Con to YOU! We've broken the show into our own panels where each of our hosts will discuss the news, trailers or panels that caught their eyes. Be sure to read our full update, complete with the trailers and panels discussed on this episode, on the entire Comic-Con experience HERE!

We also review the films Lucy and Hercules, as well as look ahead to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Into the Storm (both releasing August 8th). This is a packed, informative, and even fun episode of The Hollywood Outsider Podcast!

Scott’s Panel

  • The Last of Us movie announced / Maise Williams in talks
  • Mad Max trailer reveal
  • Interstellar panel / the new trailer
  • Halo Nightfall footage released

The Flash / Constantine pilots – Aaron
Brian’s Panel

  •  Do the released images of the costumes / footage from BvS:DOJ ease any skeptical thoughts you might've had?
  •  With a relative lack of "new movies" announced, are "we" suffering from CBMFS? (Comic Book Movie Fatigue Syndrome)
  • Return of the "Monster Movies"! First it's Dracula, Frankenstein, and crew. Now it's Godzilla sequel and Skull Island (King Kong)
  • Can the Oculus Rift be the springboard for the next big evolution of cinema?

Gotham pilot – Aaron

 Justin’s Panel

  • Lucy Lawless to star in Agents of SHIELD
  • Avengers 2 panel / footage
  • The Hobbit 3 – Peter Jackson adding 25 minutes to Smaug for extended cut / saying goodbye to the series / trailer premiere
  • Horns – The trailer premiere / Joe Hill’s announcement that Locke & Key is in development as a trilogy at Universal

Wayward Pines / iZombie pilots – Aaron

Aaron’s Panel

  • The 24 Panel / Kiefer Sutherland
  • Final Sons of Anarchy panel – Charlie Hunnam’s video
  • Evil Dead the TV series…starring Bruuuuuuuce
  • Tusk / Hitman trailer premieres



Upcoming Attractions – July 8th

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
Into the Storm

Be sure to listen to our interview with Tremors and Short Circuit Screenwriter S.S. Wilson!

Pick up a copy of Antipathy as discussed in this week's show here!

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