Last year around Valentine’s Day, we talked a bit about love and what warms the cockles of our hearts. We are doing that again this year, but a little different.

So, you’re watching a movie about a relationship. A comedy, drama, action spectacle, whatever it is. And then something happens that takes you aback, or maybe makes you realize these two should be with anyone else on the planet other than each other. This week, we’re talking about movies where the couples just don’t work. Sometimes the stars have no chemistry, and other times the writing is just awful. This is when romance goes wrong.

Here is a list of what we also discuss on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

Time Segment
0 Opening | Movie and TV News
24:24 Brian's Trailer Park
32:10 Justin's Upcoming Attractions
47:43 What's This Movie | Reviews | Scott's DVDs
1:06:36 From The Outside In Topic
1:44:02 Emails | Outtakes

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