On Episode 12 of The Hollywood Outsider, we look at the most recent film & TV news; including Taken 2 gets its plot, what we thought of The Walking Dead premiere, what’s going on with the Twilight Zone, Lone Ranger and Transformer films, what Downey, Jr. had to say about Mel Gibson, as well as the most recent trailers (American Pie Reunion, This Means War and London Boulevard). Brian & Justin take another look at ‘Real Steel’ and Justin suffers alone through ‘Dream House’ before we take a quick look at the box office. Oct 28 New Releases Rum Diary, In Time, Puss in Boots and Anonymous are explored before ‘Stump the HO’ and a trailer break. After the break, Aaron, Scott, Brian & Justin get to ‘From the Outside In’, where this week we introduce our first listener suggested topic: ‘Scene’s / Cliché’s That pull us out of a movie’. 

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