This week we look at upcoming releases: Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol; The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo; War Horse; The Darkest Hour and The Adventures of TinTin. We also discuss the most recent Film & TV news (Dark Knight Rises plot details; sequel news; what’s next forHarrison Ford and Angelina Jolie; Netflix expanding again; the new GI Joe Retaliation and Men In Black 3 trailers;and more). Scott does his best to ‘Stump the HO’; we also talk about what’s catching our eye on TV this week, upcoming Blu Ray / DVD releases and guest host Brad offers up this weeks ‘Flashback DVD’. We wrap up the show withthis week’s ‘From the Outside In’ topic - Lord of the Rings just celebrated it’s 10 year anniversary since release - How have films changed because of this? As always, be sure to stick through the closing song for our own version of outtakes. Please subscribe on itunes, Google Reader, Stitcher Radio (give us a Thumbs Up!)

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