We review ‘21 Jump Street’ this week. We also take a look at the upcoming releases ‘Mirror Mirror’ and that sequel we’re not sure was needed ‘Wrath of the Titans. As always, we also discuss the newest Film and TV news (another Cat in the Hat movie?; which franchise the WWE is looking to resurrect; how much did John Carter set Disney back; Michael Bay decides to screw up another franchise; Walking Dead finale shows a new Season 3 character; and much more). Justin tries his best to ‘Stump the HO’, we offer up a new ‘What’s THIS Movie?’ clip before we dive onto The Couch and a look at what’s going on in the world of TV and home video. Aaron tackles this week’s ‘Flashback DVD’. We wrap up the show with our ‘From the Outside In’ topic where this week we discuss how a film studio was trying to cause issues for the HO Podcast for no reason other than a less than stellar review. 

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