Dark Shadows, God Bless America, Fall TV and what we can look forward to - Just some of what we’re talking about this week. We look at upcoming releases Men In Black 3D and Chernobyl Diaries, as well as the latest movie and TV news ( and much more). Justin tries to ‘Stump the HO’, Brian thinks his ‘What’s THIS Movie?’ clip is REALLY hard, and Aaron suggests a new ‘Flashback DVD’ for you to enjoy. This week’s topic ‘From the Outside In’: Fall TV - What Can We Look Forward To? Please subscribe on itunes (reviews are appreciated), Google Reader, Stitcher Radio (give us a Thumbs Up!), Zune, Blackberry Podcasts or anywhere else with an RSS feed. Also, email us at feedback@thehollywoodoutsider.com with topic suggestions, Stump the HO questions, What’s THIS Movie? clip ideas or film flashbacks of your own. 

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