In Episode 8 of The Hollywood Outsider, The HO crew welcomes guest Tyler Seever to the show. We talk new trailer and movie news before discussing next week’s coming releases (including 50/50, What’s Your Number, Dream House, Courageous and Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil), Aaron attempts to ‘Stump The HO’ before a quick trailer break. This week, the ‘From the Outside In’ topic is ‘Our Favorite Cinema Gun Fight’.

We round out the episode with DVD releases, including Justin’s synapsis of the recent Star Wars Blu Ray releases, followed by our Flashback & Date Night Pick’s of the Week and, as always, be sure to stick through our close-out song for our own version of outakes. Podcasters: Aaron Peterson, Justin Macumber, Brian Williams and Tyler Seever. Web: The Hollywood Outsider Facebook: Email: Twitter: H_Outsider 

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