It is Episode 9 of The Hollywood Outsider and we are finally starting our decent into Halloween. It might be early, but there is plenty to talk about. This week we look at some of the newer films and trailers coming out, news (including what Sony is doing to theaters in regards to 3D, sequel tidbits including a new Shining book and Wanted film) before reviewing ‘A Dolphin’s Tale’ and discussing next week’s coming releases (Real Steel, Ides of March, Intruders and that unnecessary sequel Human Centipede 2). Justin throws a more accessible, yet still curveball, with ‘Stump The HO’ before a quick trailer break. After break this week on From the Outside In, this week we get into Halloween mode by looking at ‘Supernatural Horror’ and why people love vampires, ghosts, demons and werewolves. We round out the episode with New Blu Ray / DVD releases followed by our horror-centric Picks of the Week and, as always, be sure to stick their our close out song for our own ver [...]

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