After 5 years of podcasting about movies and television, it is time to celebrate all of the memories and good times we've had doing it. From the why we do this show and our families behind the scenes, to what we've learned about each other and movies or TV shows, and even where we want to go in the future. We also discuss and offer a fond farewell as a regular host to a founding member of The HO. Take a listen to an extended but heartfelt thank you to our listeners over our 5 year anniversary. 

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:


  • (0:00 – 21:49) Opening | Why we keep coming back to do The HO, and why our families deal with it
  • (21:50 – 1:23:03) What has changed over the last 5 years, movies and TV shows the show has brought us to, what we REALLY think of each other and our taste in film
  • (1:23:04 – 1:59:53) Favorite clips and bits from the past 5 years, Brian’s Big Question, Closing Brian’s Trailer Park, Recasting Star Wars
  • (1:59:54 – 2:40:50) What we won’t miss about Brian, Listener emails for Brian, Brian’s Greatest Hits
  • (2:40:51 – 3:03:42) Goodbye To Brian
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