Twenty years later and it feels like there couldn't have possibly been a time when Harry Potter didn't exist.

The books, the core films, the spin-offs, the actors, the score, the endless consumerism - there is hardly anything the Potter-verse hasn't touched in some way or another. More than anything, though, the impact on the lives of children and adults alike. The youths who read the books and could fantasize about receiving their own letter; the children who were the same age as the characters and actors and literally grew up together; and the adults and parents who watched their children and their children's children grow up and explore the world of magic.

Regardless if you adore or couldn't care less of the franchise, it's impossible to deny that it is truly remarkable.

On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we discuss all things Harry Potter, including the books' translation to film, the impeccable casting for the films, our preferred Dumbledore, how/if J.K. Rowling's recent controversy has impacted our enjoyment, and acknowledgment that it's our (Americans) fault we can't have anything nice.

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