As Game of Thrones show runners breathe fire into their first spin-off in House of the Dragon, we’re here to discuss all of the comings and goings in the realm during this first season. On this special episode, we take the major happenings over the 20 year period from the show, and discuss what we loved or loathed about our favorite heroes and villains in the Seven Kingdoms.

Unlike many podcasts, we will not be breaking things down chronologically. Instead, we take on each primary character and the main plot points as the war for the Iron Throne reigns on.

Targaryens, Valeryons, and Hightowers - oh my! The gang is all here, and we’re ready to tackle this season in the most cutthroat way possible. Take a listen to our House of the Dragon Reactions Podcast!

Discussed on this episode

  • Expectations vs reality, how House of the Dragon compares to Game of Thrones
  • This season, we go through a series of time jumps. What did you think of this progressive shift in not just story but also actors being recast?
  • More than anything, House of the Dragon is a show about multi-generational trauma and dismantling the patriarchy. Are these concepts becoming exhausting for you personally, or are you still satisfied?
  • Each character’s overall arc recapped and discussed
  • Best and least favorite moments and characters
  • Wants, needs, and predictions for House of the Dragon season 2
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