On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we take a look at why we as a society are so impacted by celebrity deaths such as Matthew Perry. For many, they are like family to us, though it is often hard to explain why.

Also on this episode, we discuss an expose that shed a light on Marvel's recent struggles and what that means for Disney and the MCU, plus the discovery that HBO's Casey Bloys has been having employees troll TV critics over unfavorable reviews. As well as spoiler-free reviews of It's a Wonderful Knife and The Marsh King's Daughter.

Best yet, we conclude this week's podcast with an interview with Carnivale creator Daniel Knauf as he discusses that show's 20th anniversary and his hopes for a revival, his stellar work on The Blacklist, his long career in Hollywood, and most importantly: his exciting new project, Gingerland, intended for families around the world. Daniel is as genuine a person as he is a talent, and this is a fascinating interview you won't want to miss!

The previous Daniel Knauf interview we mention in this episode can be found HERE.

Discussed on this episode:

    • (0:00 – 41:00) Opening | Marvel's Struggles, Casey Bloys on HBO Trolling TV Critics
    • (41:01 – 47:20) It's a Wonderful Knife
    • (47:21 – 50:40) The Marsh King's Daughter
    • (50:41 – 1:23:23) From the Outside In Topic: The Impact of Celebrity Deaths
    • (1:23:24 – 2:38:11) Daniel Knauf Interview: Carnivale's 20th Anniversary, The Blacklist Revelations, Gingerland
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