Inspired By A True Story is our spin-off podcast that dives into the world of true crime, specifically films that were inspired by true events, and detailing those actual crimes that occurred. On this special episode, we are sharing two of our favorite episodes: The Strangers and Mississippi Burning. Take a listen, and if you like what you here, head on over to Inspired By A True Story on your favorite podcast app and his subscribe so you can listen to every episode!

  • (0:00 – 3:03) Opening
  • (3:04 – 1:03:00) Mississippi Burning  
  • (1:03:01 - 2:07:35) The Strangers

Welcome to Inspired By A True Story, a podcast where every two weeks, our award-winning hosts and film critics discuss the genuine details that have inspired some of the most memorable true crime movies around. Each episode will break down the crime or crimes that inspired a specific film, and then discuss how factual that film is, versus how much is simply Hollywood magic.

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