In Never HereMireille Enos stars as Miranda Fall, an installation artist who follows, photographs and documents total strangers for her respective pieces. Late one night after a show, her married lover Paul (Sam Shepard in his final role) witnesses a crime outside Miranda’s apartment. She then agrees to cover Paul’s witnessing of the crime as Miranda takes his place. After she partakes in a lineup - where she obviously cannot pick the offender - Miranda follows one of the curious men from the lineup and a new art project begins. As she comes to believe someone is stalking her, she ascertains that it could just be the man she believes to have committed the original crime, or is her own voyeurism finally getting the best of her?

Never Here is a film that wears it's shade of Hitchcock meshed with the more creative aspects of artistic expression proudly on its sleeve. It is very much a thriller, while at the same time serving as a thinking piece on voyeurism and many of our own beliefs that no one's privacy remains secret in this day and age.

Aaron sits down with the writer and director of Never Here, Camille Thoman. Camille has a unique canvas to showcase her film, as the basic construct is that of a thriller, yet there is much more at play here as it bleeds into feelings of paranoia and perhaps even shades of our own voyeuristic guilt. Camille elaborates on this blending of genres, why Mireille was the perfect choice for Miranda, and working with Sam on his final film.

Never Here releases in theaters October 20th, 2017.  Enjoy this exclusive interview with writer and director, Camille Thoman.

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