In Ascent to Hell, Azura Skye stars as Kate Carpenter, a realtor attempting to sell an abandoned factory for a tidy commission. A local fashion designer decides it would be beneficial to take over the property, and organizes a walkthrough for her and her entire team. Unfortunately for everyone, this factory also hides the souls of hundreds of dead workers, trapped in the building since a horrific fire in the early 1900's. Now, it's up to Kate to find a way out before their souls are added to the damned.

Ascent to Hell is director Dena Hysell's first foray into horror after a long journey to bring her film to release. In our exclusive interview, Dena discusses the difficulties in producing independent films, why this was a story she wanted to tell, how she believes genre in cinema can expand the reach of a variety of societal issues, and much more. Enjoy an enlightening conversation with an entertaining filmmaker, Dena Hysell.

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Find Ascent to Hell on iTunes, YouTube, Amazon, Vimeo, Vudu and most other digital platforms. 
Also available on DVD or Blu-Ray  

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