In Beauty Mark, Angie is a woman marked by the cruel twists of life. A single mother with a limited education and a long history of bad decisions, Angie struggles to find the right path for her son. Adding to this dilemma is her live-in mother,  a boorish woman with her own track record of irresponsibility. Upon learning that their home is being condemned, Angie sets off on a desperate mission to find a suitable place to live before her family is cast out into the street. When every corner leads to rejection, she fixates her sights on settling the debt with the one person she feels owes her: the man who sexually abused her as a child.

Beauty Mark is an honest depiction of the toll sexual abuse can have on personal judgment. It delivers a protagonist whose plight might seem detestable to some, yet through the raw and unflinching performance of Auden Thornton as Angie, we witness a character whose pain and plight begins to resonate with each of us. Complemented by remarkable supporting performances from Catherine Curtin and Jeff Kober, Beauty Mark is a tragically beautiful tale of the damaged hearts left in the wake of abuse.

For this exclusive interview, writer-director Harris Doran discusses both his journey to Hollywood, as well as the road to Beauty Mark. He elaborates on why the topic of sexual abuse and the need to craft a narrative that spoke a brutal truth was so important in the making of his film. And why Auden Thornton was the perfect choice to bring his powerful tale to light.

A haunting story centered around an uncomfortable topic and filled with memorable performances, don’t miss our exclusive interview with Beauty Mark director, Harris Doran.

Currently playing at the LA Film Festival, you can find more info about Beauty Mark on Facebook or Twitter


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