In the Bryan Coyne's new film Infernal, out in theaters and VOD April 10th, Nathan (Andy Ostroff) and Sophia (Heather Adair) are a newlywed couple, both looking forward to a bright future. Not long after matrimony, Sophia becomes pregnant and ushers the pair’s first child into the world, Imogene. It soon becomes apparent that Imogene (Alyssa Koerner) is exhibiting strange and dangerous behavior, leaving the new parents floundering in their attempt to find answers. When Imogene’s actions become destructive, it becomes clear that forces beyond the natural world are at work, and that something – or SOMEONE – is pulling the strings. In this horrifying thrill ride the bonds of family are frayed, sides are taken and the terrifying events culminate in a shocking finale, all seen through the eyes of a terrified father.

For this exclusive interview with director Bryan Coyne, Aaron sits down to have a spoiler-free discussion on the film. The conversation evolves to topics including the found-footage shooting style, the state of horror today, and much more. Join us for a riveting interview with a filmmaker on the move. Listen now to our exclusive interview with Infernal director, Bryan Coyne.

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