Directed by Thomas Zellen, Beyond The Edge stars Sean Maher as Dr. Abe Anderson, a scientist recruited for a long mission into space with Casper Van Dien accompanying him as Lt. Colonel Harold Richards. Their mission is simple, take a ship propelled by theoretical physics to the far edge of the universe…and see what’s out there.

As Abe and Richards each deal with depression and isolation during their decade-plus mission, when they finally reach the edge, their perceptions and realities of the universe are challenged.

Many of you know Sean Maher as Simon Tam from Firefly and Serenity, Sean has had an extensive career in Hollywood. He left New York for L.A. when he landed the lead role in the Fox series, Ryan Caulfield: Year One. That lead to many parts in shows like Party of Five, The Playboy Club and many more. Lately, he’s also been voicing the character of Nightwing in several DC animated films.

For this interview, Sean stopped by to discuss his career and specifically this latest film, Beyond the Edge (formally known as ISRA 88), which arrives on video on demand from Screen Media Films on February 7th. The film is a very existential look at these two characters, but primarily Maher’s Abe Anderson, and leaves you with a quite a bit to debate as you reach the conclusion.

Take a listen to our exclusive interview with Sean Maher. 


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