Tremors and Short Circuit Screenwriter S.S. Wilson joins Aaron and Justin to discuss his Hollywood career in this special episode of The Hollywood Outsider! Following our long-standing debate from way back on Episode 103 of The HO over whether or not Tremors is science-fiction, Steve...the creator of Tremors himself...agreed to come on and squash this debate once and for all.

During his engaging interview, Steve discusses working in Hollywood, from where he received his start in filmmaking all the way through to the current climate of remakes and sequels. He discusses his novels (Fraidy Cats and Tucker's Monster) as well as several of the films he has worked on: Tremors, Short Circuit, Batteries Not Included, Heart and Souls, and even Wild Wild West. He shares stories of working with Steven Spielberg, director Ron Underwood, the Tremors phenomenon, and even offers some intriguing behind-the-scenes info into Kevin Bacon's take on his infamous Tremors role.

An insighful interview with such an infectiously genuine guy, you will have a great time listening to Steve as he recounts his own storied career. Listen and enjoy our exclusive interview with screenwriter, author, producer and director S.S. Wilson!

Be sure to check out S.S. WIlson's novels and films through his production company 'Stampede Entertainment' -

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