On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we're talking about politics, and if the excessive and combative nature of the political landscape these days is ruining entertainment. Do you feel there is too much political ideology injected in today's entertainment? Do you remember when no one even discussed politics, where it was a taboo subject? Can you separate politics from your entertainment, or are politics ruining entertainment? We discuss it all on this rare episode where we let red and blue into our discussions. 

Also this week, HBO unceremoniously cancels Westworld (you can listen to the Beyond Westworld podcast here), Netflix with Ads premieres, reviews of Blamed, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Enola Holmes 2, Till, and I Am A Stalker. 

Discussed on this episode

    • (0:00 – 20:49) Opening | Movie & TV News: HBO Cancels Westworld, Netflix with Ads, MoviePass Fraud
    • (20:50 - 36:03) Reviews: Blamed, Weird: The Al Yankovic Story, Till, I Am A Stalker, Enola Holmes 2
    • (36:04 – 1:23:44) From the Outside In: Is Politics Ruining Entertainment
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