Who is your favorite lone wolf assassin in film and why do we love these movies so much?

Lone wolf assassin movies a.k.a. movies where one person (man or woman) is either exacting revenge by slaughtering evil doers in fantastic ways, or just does it because they are damn good at it. John Wick is the most tossed about example but really think on this: for examples, the 80s had Commando, Chuck Norris’ An Eye for an Eye, the 70s had Death Wish, also films like The Bourne Identity, Kill Bill, Peppermint, The Punisher, Leon The Professional, Wanted, etc. It’s a genre that has been around for decades, yet seems to always disappear for a year or two until someone – most recently John Wick and Nobody – brings it storming back to popularity. So what is it about someone murdering scores of thugs all on their own that keeps audiences coming back to the fold over and over again?

Also on this episode: our news roundup including Death on the Nile is relocated to 2022 and Godzilla vs. Kong director Adam Wingard takes on Thundercats, spoiler-free reviews of Nobody and Invincible, our weekly streaming recommendation, and much more.

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 14:50) Opening | News Roundup
  • (14:51 – 31:20) Reviews: Nobody and Invincible
  • (31:21 – 55:13) From The Outside In: Lone Wolf Assassin Movies
  • (55:14 – 1:06:38) Upcoming Releases | Recommendations | HO Teachable Minute
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