What makes a great movie dance sequence?

We've all been there, watching a movie, getting absorbed into the proceedings...and then it happens! Music kicks up, toes start tapping, hips start moving, and before you know it, we're grooving along with a fantastic dance sequence that almost forces us to join in! Dance sequences don't always work, but when they do, it's some of the most exciting and joy provoking experiences a film can deliver. On this episode, we're discussing what we love about them, and even bring up some of our favorites like Dirty Dancing, Saturday Night Fever, Magic Mike, and so many more!

Also on this week's episode: our new game Cancel It!, reviews of Yes, God, Yes and Cursed, a discussion on Tenet's latest delay and what it means for movie theaters, our HO Teachable Minute, and a special message from Psych's Dulé Hill.

Discussed on this episode

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