We are taking the week off to prep for next week's The Hollywood Outsider Awards, but that does NOT mean you will not receive something to ring in your new ears! For this extended bonus episode of our show, we look back on four of our most popular topics from this past year.

We kick things off with our Marvel Sidekicks Movie Battle Royale from episode 270. Everyone has their favorite hero from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but what about those underserved heroes BEHIND the heroes? Listener Reece joins in and by the end of our debate, we will have crowned our own champion.

Then we turn to television, as we discuss who maintained the strongest father-child relationships on television from episode 275. It's a heartfelt discussion with plenty of laughter, as Aaron's SMIRK podcast co-hosts join him to debate which TV dads have done the best job of creating a bond with their brood.

Our most popular episode of this past year, was also our most controversial as we hopped into a Delorean and headed back to 1987 to discuss our favorite movies and TV from that era.

And finally, we close out with SONG! What is the greatest original movie title song of all time? Could it be Ghostbusters? Or Purple Rain? You're about to find out as long-time listener Tammy joins in to help us crown a lyrical champion in another smashing Movie Battle Royale!

If you are new to the show, this is a highlight reel of what listeners enjoyed earlier in the year. And if you are a long-time listener, enjoy four of your favorite topics all in one episode! And be sure to come back next week, for our 2018 HO Awards!

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:


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