Inspired by her Wizard mentor Gojun (Kevin Sorbo), Marek (Melanie Stone) escapes indentured servitude and overcomes physical limitations to hone her own mysterious powers. When the beautiful Priestess Teela falls victim to a massive Ogre, Marek rallies a misfit team of adventurers, including Thane the Warrior and Dagen the Thief, to join her in a fight to save her sister and their Legacy.

For our exclusive interview with Mythica producers and creators, Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin (Arrowstorm Entertainment), Aaron sits down to have a spoiler-free discussion on all aspects of the film. Fan expectations, the stigma of independent fantasy films, crafting a bold tale, filming 3 stories back-to-back, and how they came to find their home at - It's all here! So kick back, grab your pint of ale, and enjoy our interview with Jason and Kynan. 

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