Jack Reacher is a retired military investigator who simply wants to now live his life however he sees fit. But after a murder is pinned on him and things somehow get even more personal, Reacher sets off for justice by using the little details that matter to find those responsible and – if possible – burn them all to the ground. He’s a man who never bluffs, never quits, and he never backs down. On this episode, REACHER star Alan Ritchson sits down with Aaron from The Hollywood Outsider to discuss bringing Lee Child's iconic character of Jack Reacher to the streaming masses with this new series, available on Prime Video beginning February 4th.

Alan Ritchson is an actor, writer, and director who you might know from his roles in Blood Drive, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, not to mention his beloved roles as Thad in Blue Mountain State or Hawk in Titans. In this interview, we discuss Alan’s take on the role, what Reacher means to fans, how genuine those insane fights scenes are, which Reacher book he would love to see made for a future season, and a lot more.

Enjoy this interview with Alan Ritchson, and be sure to stay tuned after the interview as we deliver our spoiler-free review of REACHER: Season 1, which begins streaming February 4th on Prime Video. Scroll down for the video interview. 

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