Leah McKendrick's new film Scrambled stars McKendrick as Nellie Robinson, a single woman in her 30s who begins to feel like the clock is ticking, and she is running low on romantic prospects. So Nellie decides to freeze her eggs - setting her on an empowering journey to a brave new world where she ultimately discovers "the one" she's looking for might just be herself.

Scrambled is funny, sweet, charming, and heartwarming, and McKendrick put everything she had into the film, both in front of and behind the camera. As the screenwriter, director, and star of the film, we discussed all phases of the film in this exclusive interview with the burgeoning star (as well as that I Know What You Did Last Summer requel she is working on). Scrambled is now available on demand, and I really hope all of you take the time to watch it, because this is one of those films I feel like fans will want to share with other fans.

As always, we keep the film discussion spoiler-free, so listen and enjoy this interview with Leah McKendrick on her latest film, Scrambled!

You can find our previous interview with Leah as mentioned in this interview HERE.

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