On this week's episode, we take a look at that weirdly connective phenomena which is known as the "TV crossover". Networks have utilized these for years as examples as to how to sell their television shows to people who might not be watching them: Mulder and Scully went to COPS, Angela Lansbury headed to Magnum P.I., and the CW combines an entire DC universe once a year. These events can often be nothing more than publicity stunts, but often times they create something beautiful. And we're going to throw our two cents in the mix, crossing over TV shows to create several brand new properties! Oh, we have some ideas.

At the end of our show, we then tackle Jordan Peele's latest opus, US. A film which follows Lupita Nyong'o as Adelaide, a wife and mother headed back with her family to Santa Cruz, a place where tragedy struck her decades earlier. As they grow closer to the beach where everything happened, Adelaide begins to sense things are very wrong. When four strangers arrive that night in the driveway of their remote home, the terror of US begins to unfold.

A follow-up to his wonderful debut, Get Out, Jordan Peele again tackles societal discussion under the guise of horror to mixed results. Take a listen as we dive deep into Peele's complex mythology and debate what works and what doesn't in our US spoilercast!

Also this week: a news roundup, Apple TV+ is announced for the Fall, and The Matrix turns 20 years old.

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Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 22:49) Opening | News Roundup, Apple TV+ Announced
  • (22:50 – 50:11) Significant Anniversary: The Matrix Turns 20 | New Releases
  • (50:12 – 1:17:08 From The Outside In: Television Crossover Ideas
  • (1:17:08 - 2:06:33) Jordan Peele's US Spoilercast
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