Every year, we love to celebrate the holiday season with our listeners, and there is no better way to do that than with our 2023 Holiday Special!

It all started 9 years ago with a random idea: we were big fans of holiday specials, yet podcasts seemed to skip over the idea completely. Therefore, we decided we can do whatever we want here at The Hollywood Outsider, so let’s create our own tradition and the Annual Holiday Special was born!

Every year we rekindle the past (and occasionally add a little something new), assembling some of the best moments from our hosts for the most fantastic holiday special ever! Debating what constitutes a Christmas movie and specials we love, what makes for a great Christmas movie, Christmas cliches we love, and bringing back Recasting the Classics with a look at how we would remake National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation!

That’s not all, oh no. The Christmas spirit kicks into overdrive as we open up and share our personal memories of the holiday season, stories that remind us of Christmas. And no holiday special would be complete without a visit from the big man himself, so get ready for as much St. Nick as legally allowed as Santa Claus drops by the studio to tell us just how naughty or nice we are, all throughout the episode!

With a special game from Amanda, Santa in his sleigh, John's obsession with puppets, Scott’s first Christmas Poem, and a lot of fun for everyone – This is the one podcast you don’t want to miss this holiday season!

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