While we take a break from our weekly episode for the holidays, we offer up a compilation of some of the more popular topics from earlier this year. Disaster movies, despicable characters, movie monologues, and even a little love! We cap the episode off with an extended helping of outtakes. Enjoy! 

The topics discussed on this compilation episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:

  • Disaster Films - Why do we love them?
  • How far can a character go before you can no longer sympathize with them?
  • Love - Why do we love romance films? Is it fair to still call them 'Chick Flicks'?
  • Movie Monologues - We discuss some of our favorites...and even try our best to recapture them in spirit!
  • We end the episode with an extended collection of outtakes
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Time Segment
0 Introduction | Disaster Movies
28:50 How Far Is Too Far?
47:45 Love - Exciting and new?
1:24:45 Movie Monologues
2:02:50 Outtakes

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