Football has become the American pastime. A team sport that is equal parts sheer brutality and entertainment. Any given Sunday, the country is enthralled by the NFL and its merry band of outlaws, tossing a leather ball back-and-forth on a field playing a kid’s game, and we eat it up. And because of that, we also love a great football movie!

But what defines a “football movie”? Does it require rah-rah speeches? Does the actual sport need to be played? Most importantly, what IS the greatest football movie of all-time? Well, strap on your helmet, because we’re hitting the gridiron this week and aiming for a touchdown: this is our Football Movie Battle Royale!

Also this week: discussion of recent films including Boy Erased, Robin Hood, Astral, The Christmas Chronicles, and the Ballad of Buster Scruggs. Another round of Movie Innuendo, what franchise would we most want to see have another film, and much more.

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 19:52)Film and TV News: Movie franchises that lose a star and what stalled franchise would we most want to see rejuvenated
  • (19:53 – 44:10) Recommendations | Movie Innuendo
  • (44:11 – 1:49:52) From The Outside In Topic: The Football Movie Battle Royale
  • (1:49:53 – 1:54:19) Closing | Outtakes
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