Grab the helmets and strap on the armor, it’s time for our latest Movie Battle Royale!

This round, we’re looking at historical period pieces. What’s that mean? Well, it means different things to every voice, but we’re looking at it as any film involving historical events or people.

Our combatants vary from Amadeus to Dances with Wolves to Tombstone to unsinkable Titanic. With several more vying for the title, which film will be crowned the greatest period piece in the known HO universe? Listen in and find out!

Also this week, we debate The Conjuring’s growing universe, review Baby Driver, 47 Meters Down and 12 Feet Deep, discuss the impending retirement of Daniel Day-Lewis, and much more.

Join in on our conversation and listen to the latest episode of The Hollywood Outsider.

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:



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