This is a packed episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, and with The Flash releasing worldwide, we begin with the problem with time travel. It's a novel concept, going back to right the wrongs of the past. So why do so many film and TV properties get it horribly wrong? What works and what doesn't about the concept of time travel?

Speaking of time travel and multiverses, DC's The Flash has finally released to varying opinions and box office, but does it succeed at ending the DCEU on a high, or a whimper? We review the film initially spoiler-free before diving into the spoilers at the heart of what could be Ezra Miller's final run through a DC property.

Also this episode: Stuntpeople continue to be unappreciated, Pixar seems to be dying on the vine, Extraction 2, and much more!

Discussed on this episode:

    • (0:00 – 35:41) Click-Bait Actors, Is Pixar Dying, and Unappreciated Stuntpeople
    • (35:42 – 1:09:52) From the Outside In: The Problem with Time Travel
    • (1:09:43 – 1:16:32) Review: Extraction 2 | Recommendations
    • (1:16:33 – 1:43:24) DC's The Flash Review
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