13 Reasons Why is the new Netflix series based on Jay Asher’s book revolving around Hannah Baker, a teenager who commits suicide. Unlike so many suicides where we never know the whys, Hannah left behind tapes where she detailed the 13 reasons, and those responsible, for her taking her own life. The series follows Clay Jensen, who receives the box of tapes and proceeds to listen to them, one episode at a time, trying to piece together what happened.

We will be going into spoilers for this episode, so please come back to us if you have not already completed the show.

We discuss the themes the show presents and why think the series is resonating with so many people.

Thirteen Thoughts on 13 Reasons Why

  1. Let’s talk about this concept, a suicide where we learn the reasons why through audio tapes left behind by the deceased
  2. Differences between the book and the series
  3. Hannah Baker downward spiral and Kathryn Langford’s portrayal | Is it wrong to legitimately miss a fictional character?
  4. Was it right for her to assign blame in this way, did all of these characters deserve this?
  5. Clay Jenson and Dylan Minnette’s portrayal
  6. He seemed to be on a crusade for justice, while these tapes crushed him emotionally. Was that fair or too much for Hannah to put this on him?
  7. Where the hell did Tony keep coming from, does he ever actually attend class?
  8. Remaining standouts from the characters / cast
  9. Do you feel like it accurately captured mental health issues such as depression and suicide appropriately, some people feel very strongly both ways?
  10. Rumors, cyber shaming and bullying, rape. This was a lot for one person to endure, was it a fair representation of the modern teenage existence?
  11. If this were real, and I feel like so many people are treating it like it is, what could Hannah Baker have done differently? Would one person make a difference like her tapes implies?
  12. How the season ends / loose threads

13. Do you want another season, if so, how would you want to see it?

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