Television spin-offs are everywhere. Once a TV show garners success, an executive somewhere is trying to figure out a way to borrow a few of those characters, toss them into another setting, and see if they can duplicate those numbers. Often times, it crashes and burns. But there are many success stories along the way, including The Jeffersons, Young Sheldon, Benson, and Frasier. There have also been a few film characters spun off into their own successful shows, recently Cobra Kai completely redefined how many think of The Karate Kid. So this week, our hosts discuss the world of TV spin-offs, and even come up with several spin-off ideas they'd like to try themselves.

Also this week, The Batman has been a project with an excessive amount of speculation, and finally director Matt Reeves and current Batman Ben Affleck have elaborated on the details, Hobbs and Shaw's first glimpse of the Fast and Furious spin-off has hit, Y: The Last Man finally moves to series. Another round of Movie Innuendo arrives as we determine which lines in The LEGO Movie aren't quite as innocent as they seem. Reviews of Velvet Buzzsaw and Russian Doll, a peek at new releases, and much more.

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