This week we’re reviewing In Time, taking a look at the upcoming Nov. 9th release J. Edgar and the Nov. 11th releases Immortals, Jack & Jill and 11-11-11, as well as what’s catching our eye on television this week. Before we get to those: Brian, Justin & Aaron take a look at the most recent film and TV news (sad news with Expendables 2; how much does a movie ticket cost now; who did J.K. Rowling say she thought about knocking off in the Deathly Hollows; is Eddie Murphy trying to be funny again; happenings with a Kung Fu remake, Riddick and a possible Beetlejuice sequel, looks at a couple of new trailers…and more). Brian does his best to ‘Stump the HO’ before we take a quick trailer break. After the break, we discuss this week’s From the Outside In listener suggested topic: ‘What Low Budget Films Could Have Been A Hit With A Bigger Budget’. We wrap up the show with new DVD / Blu Ray Releases (The Change-Up, 13, Harry Potter & the DH Part 2 among them), ou [...]

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