We’re reviewing Savages and Ted this week; Dark Knight Rises is coming up so we discuss the impending juggernaut release; new trailers for Silver Linings Playbook and Compliance; and Our From the Outside In topic this week: Film Ratings - How The HO’s WOuld Fix It We also discuss the latest movie and TV news (50 Shades of Grey on the way; What is Michael Fassbender doing next; more Eli Roth and Russell Crowe?; and much more). Justin does his best to ‘Stump the HO’, another listener wants you to see if you can guess their ‘What’s THIS Movie?’ clip, and Brian tackles this week’s ‘Flashback DVD’. LISTEN to this week’s episode and learn of a chance to win a Hollywood Outsider IMAHO t-shirt. Listen every week for a new chance to win! If you would like to skip the once a week option and get a HO shirt of your own, go to thehollywoodoutsider.com and donate $20 or more and we will send you one of your own! 

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