The time has come! Our 4th Annual Summer Movie HO Awards have arrived! Where did the summer end up for us overall, as well as versus last year? What was lacking? What did we learn? After we ponder these topics, it’s time for the awards!

Now, you know we cannot do our awards like everyone else, that’s just not how we do things. So get ready for what REALLY mattered this summer: Most memorable scene, best action scene, best thrill, The Darwin Award for most idiotic character, biggest badass, best movie line, and much more. All of those categories are then capped off by our picks for Most Disappointing, Worst, and (finally) our Top 3 movies of the summer. We conclude the awards by listing our compiled listener picks for the top 3 films of the summer.

This is one of our favorite episodes to record of the year, and this time is no different. (Be sure to read Aaron’s article on the Top 7 things he learned this summer) After the fun, be sure to stay after the credits to hear our team’s sentimental goodbye to horror legend, Wes Craven.

Discussed on this episode of The Hollywood Outsider Movie and TV Podcast:


  • (0:00 – 17:32) Our overall thoughts on the movies of Sumer 2015 | Versus last year, what was lacking, what did we learn? | Top 10 Box Office
  • (17:33 – 1:31:43) The 2015 Summer Movie HO Awards
  • (1:31:44 – 1:46:29) Goodbye, Wes Craven
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