Universal's "The Mummy" is a property that has been around for decades. Long before Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz awoke him, Boris Karloff played the slow walking stalker with a love grudge. Now the time has come to remake this classic movie monster yet again, but how in the world should it be done? 

Join us for this episode as we take The Mummy head-on! Do we continue the rollicking adventure that was the 1999 Mummy, or do go more horror, like the classic 1932 version? Join Aaron, Brian, and Amanda as they piece together their perfect version of a modern day Mummy movie. Be sure to stay through to the end, when we deliver our movie to YOU in movie trailer form, it's a great one. 

Listen to our latest episode and find out where we took "The Mummy", because we’re about to Remake This Movie RIGHT!

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Aaron - The Hollywood Outsider | The Blacklist Exposed
Brian Williams - The Hollywood Outsider
Wayne Henderson - Media Voice-Overs | Voice-Over Journey Podcast | Packers Fan Podcast | Under the Dome Radio
Artwork by Dustin Baker - DustyGrafix

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