The Oscars! The Golden Globes! The Spirit Awards! The HO Awards?

That's right, it's OUR time! Every year we sit through awards ceremony after awards ceremony, honoring the same 8 movies or TV shows that are deemed 'worthy' of the attention. What don't you find? Dinosaurs. Star Wars. Stunts. Superheroes. Movie lines. We love independent films just as much as we love blockbusters, therefore the time is long overdue to reflect on the BEST in ALL cinema and television this past year, not just what the elite deem approved for consumption. Not only do we share our personal picks, we share our listener picks for the Top TV Shows and Films of 2015!

This is not classy enough for the Oscars. We are not drunk enough for the Golden Globes. And we aren't smart enough for the Spirits.

THIS is the 5th Annual HO Awards! 

Join in on our conversation and listen to the latest episode of The Hollywood Outsider.

Want to follow along? Here are this year's categories, so grab a pen and let's see your picks in the comments!


Awards (Includes cable, streaming, etc. Just has to be shows with a new season this past year):

  •       ‘The Breaking Bad’ - What show that no one is talking about do you think is the next MUST SEE show?
  •       ‘The Jim Parsons’ - Who was your favorite lead on TV? 
  •       ‘The Jack Bauer’ - Who was the biggest badass on TV? 
  •       ‘The Law and Order Special Needs Kids Award’ - What show, love it or not, needs to die? 
  •        TV's Three: Our Top 3 Television shows of 2015



  1. In Memoriam: What celebrity passing impacted you the most?
  2. Best / Worst Movie Theater Experiences?
  3. Franchises That Need To Die?


Awards (Includes VOD, as long as the film released in 2015)

  •       ‘I WANT MY TEN DOLLARS!’ - Worst movie
  •       ‘Play It Again, Sam’ - Best Line
  •       ‘Die Hard In A Plane, Train, or Automobile’ - Best use of a worn out movie cliché or plot
  •       ‘That’s So Fast & So Furious’ - The Best Physical Effect or Stunt
  •       ‘The Pixar’ - Best Use of CGI
  •       ‘The Jar Jar’ - Worst stunt or CGI
  •       ‘The Pratt’ - Who was your favorite lead last year?
  •       ‘The Cage. The Nic Cage’ - Which actor needs to hit the job fair?
  •       ‘The Han Solo’ - Best Badass
  •       The Coherence Award – Best Film Find of 2015
  •       The Best and Worst Trailer
  •        The Fantastic Five - What are our Top 5 films of 2015?

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