On this week's episode, we dive into our 2019 Television EXTRAVAGANZA! We break down the most anticipated new TV shows of 2019, as well as our returning favorites.

We kick things off with the most anticipated TV releases. Titles such as The Passage, I Am the Night, Good Omens, Watchmen, Deadly Class, The Umbrella Academy, and a whole lot more. Troy Heinritz of The Blacklist Exposed joins us to

All of those titles are just the tip of the iceberg, as we also discuss Oscar nominations, our spoiler-free review of The Punisher Season 2, and more. Everything comes to a close as we break down M. Knight Shyamalan's latest opus, the conclusion of a trilogy which began with Unbreakable and Split, in Glass. David Dunn, Kevin Crumb, and Mr. Glass are each discussed as their character arcs culminate in a film almost two decades in the making!

We’re discussing over 20 new TV shows releasing in 2019 on this episode, so bring a notebook because we’re about to help you plan your entire year in entertainment!

Discussed on this episode

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