Did you grow up on films like Airplane, Blazing Saddles, or There's Something About Mary? Films that often made light of race, gender, sex, handicaps, and all other manners of things that shouldn't be mocked? If you're like us, you remember laughing at things that you knew, deep in your soul, were horrible to make light of. Yet, at the same time, these inappropriate outbursts of comedic inspiration broke down even the strongest composures, and even occasionally sparked a conversation that was previously too uncomfortable to have.  Our topic for this week revolves around politically incorrect comedies, and specifically if the concept of such is currently as dead as the western.

Then we turn our focus to the Beloit International Film Festival (BIFF), which takes place annually in the city of Beloit, Wisconsin. Running for 10 days, typically at the end of Feb or the beginning of March, the festival plays 100+ films from over 25 different countries ranging from narrative features, to documentaries, to shorts, and even features a showdown between Illinois and Wisconsin filmmakers.

The films screen in a variety of local venues, so not only is it a festival where a vast assortment of films can be found, but it also supports the local economy and involves residents working as volunteers as well. On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider, we turn a spotlight to BIFF and our thoughts on the festival, as well as reviews for several of the films we screened there.

Also this week: Trailer spoilers rage on again, Steven Spielberg takes on Netflix, a special guest drops by for a major announcement, our review of A Madea Family Funeral, and much more.

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