On this week's episode, we take a look a several superhero movies that we feel didn't quite work. Was it a moment, or an entire script that broke that respective film? Whatever it was, can it be fixed? From there, we offer a few minor tweaks that possibly could have saved a franchise or too. That's right, we're going to fix a superhero movie!

At the end of our show, we then wade into the waters of Marvel's latest attempt at launching another hero: Captain Marvel! Brie Larson stars as Carol Danvers, who essentially wakes up unaware of who she is, or why she has so many powers. The film follows Carol's journey of self-discovery as she partners up with Sam Jackson's Nick Fury to, you know, save the planet. We discuss Marvel's latest introduction of a major character, what works and what doesn't, and where we want Captain Marvel to go next.

Also this week: Review of Triple Threat, listener questions, and much more.

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