On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, we revisit a topic that simply fails to change much, video game movies. It's been decades since Hollywood began cranking out video game adaptations, but unlike other mediums, movies cannot seem to find that sweet spot that appeals to both gamers and film fans alike. It's rare that Hollywood even approaches a good movie with these properties. So this episode we discuss this struggle, and answer the most important question: why can't video game movies get it right?!

Also this week: movie and TV news including a discussion on the evolution of binge watching and coming back to weekly releases, intellectual properties taking over content, as well as spoiler-free reviews of Uncharted and Dog.  Then we are joined by the Executive Director of the Beloit International Film Festival to discuss the event, which runs from Feb 25 - Mar 6, 2022. All this and more on this week's all-new episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast.

Discussed on this episode

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