On this episode of The Hollywood Outsider podcast, it's time to discuss DC's latest reboot, The Batman!

With echoes in tone of films like Klute, The French Connection, Seven, and Zodiac, The Batman stars Robert Battinson – sorry, Pattinson – as billionaire Bruce Wayne. You might have heard that his parents died when he was a child, and his whole life has been consumed with grief and anger over their loss, causing him to don a cape and cowl and torture criminals on the streets as The Batman.

The Batman begins in Year 2 of his crusade and shades of The Long Halloween take root as the mayor is murdered on Halloween. The Batman has been beating low level thugs and now a series of murders are riddled with clues left specifically for him. Who is this masked man murdering all of these elitist “white priviledged assholes”? Well, it’s the Riddler, and he’s a creepy unknown who wants Bruce on his side for some reason, and now The Batman must team up with Commissioner Gordon to track him down before he kills again. And also, uncover the secret as to why…

We end the podcast by revisiting a conversation on vigilantes, and why we love them.

Discussed on this episode

  • (0:00 – 23:56) The Batman - Overall Thoughts | Matt Reeves' Direction | Michael Giacchino's Score
  • (23:57 – 55:33) Characters - Batman, Catwoman, Commissioner Gordon, Penguin, Falcone, Alfred, and The Riddler
  • (55:34 - 1:05:30) Highlights | Final Thoughts
  • (1:05:31 – 1:37:08) Vigilantes: Why We Love Them
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